Balkan Valorant Clutch II by QSKE

We are proud to announce that we are organizing our second “Balkan Valorant Clutch” tournament. Qualification entry links can be found further in the article.


Similarly like last time, the tournament will be split into 2 stages: qualification groups and the main event. This time there will be organised 4 qualification rounds, in which best 2 teams in each round will qualify for the main event, where they will face off with 8 more teams who got an invitation. Teams can make an entry on any qualification round as they wish. Additionally, if the team doesn’t make it in one qualification round, it is allowed to do an entry on the other qualifications.

Here you can find entry links for each qualification tournament:

Registration link: Balkan Valorant Clutch – 1st Qualification group 27.11. Starting 14h CET

Registration link: Balkan Valorant Clutch – 2nd Qualification group 28.11. Starting 14h CET

Registration link: Balkan Valorant Clutch – 3rd Qualification group 04.12. Starting 14h CET

Registration link: Balkan Valorant Clutch – 4th Qualification group 05.12. Starting 14h CET

Teams who got an invitation to the main event are:
1. BalkanStars
2. idkman
3. Tяinity Gaming
4. Cyber Wolves Silver
5. Team Diamond
6. Kum Gaming
7. Gospodari Vremena
8. Leptirići

NOTICE: to verify their place in the main event the teams need to have at least 50% (3 players) from roster which played on the last tournament. If they fail to verify it, they must go through qualifications.

Prize pool for this tournament is gonna be 500,00$
Prize pool:
1st place 250,00$
2nd place 150,00$
3rd place 100,00$

You can find more info on our QSKE discord server.

**NOTICE: This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.