The European qualifiers for the IESF tournament in Tekken 7 have ended, where representatives from European countries competed for a place at the final tournament in Israel. Among them, our Croatian player Stjepan Matić “Crashbanter”, who managed to finish in the top 4, also fought in the qualifiers and won a place in the final tournament.

Qualifications took place in two phases, the group stage and the final round-robin phase. In the group stage, it turned out that “Crashbanter” was no match for his opponents, beating representatives from Montenegro, Slovenia and Ukraine, but due to technical difficulties the match against the Greek representative did not happen, so the fate was determined by the coin, which gave victory to the Greek. “Crashbanter” passed the group as second and went to the second phase of qualification. 


In the second phase, it started quite tense. 6 representatives fought in the fight for the top 4, top two from each group. In the first match “Crashbanter” despite all efforts, failed to beat the Turkish representative, but in the second and third match he managed to beat the representatives from Israel and Greece. In the forth match against the Polish representative, due to connectivity issues coin-flip determened the winner and “Crashbanter” lost again. He needed a win in the final match against Serbian representative to make it through, and fortunately he won and qualified.

“When it comes to character selection, those who follow me know that I use Josie the most. I decided to stick with her through the qualifiers, although I know how to play other characters like Hwoarang, Armor King, Zafina, and it turned out well. The qualifications themselves went pretty well, I lost 3 matches in two rounds, but the coin flip was done 2 times due to the impossibility of connecting with the opponent and both times I was unlucky and I was defeated, which led me to awkward situation. I passed and that is the most important thing.

The competition is strong, these people are champions in their countries. I am extremely aware of what I can do and I am not having any self-doubt. In Israel I expect a good result because I have such a mindset that I believe I can beat anyone and I’m not thinking of this as some sort of a vacation. Competition in Israel will be very strong, especially Korea and Pakistan representatives, but I will give my 100% and I expect a good result, in order to make happy not only myself but also the entire Balkan gaming community.” – Stjepan’s statement for eSport Adria

“Crashbanter” will fly to Eliat in Israel in November this year, where he will fight world-famous faces in Tekken. We wish him a good luck in the final tournament and we send full support regardless of the final result.