The National Tekken qualifiers, organized by the Zagreb Tekken Showdown and the Croatian E-sport Federation, where a Croatian representative was chosen to go to the IESF competition, which holds competitions in several games, including Tekken 7, took place on 3rd of July 2021. in the football center Zlatna lopta in Zagreb, where 48 people signed up, and a lot of fans and casual players of the well-known fighting game showed up. People from various parts of Croatia gathered, among others from Zagreb, Osijek, Vinkovci, Koprivnica, and also from Slovenia. The tournament was played in double elimination format, best of 3, finals best of 5, on four PlayStation 4 consoles.

Among all the competitors was our player Stjepan Matić “Crashbanter”, who entered the tournament as a convincing favorite. Through winners bracket, playing characters like Josie and Armor King, he defeated his opponents with ease, without a single lost game. Before entering the top 8, he came face-to-face with Eddy player Dorian Šušak “Dox123sus” with whom he had a very tense match, but despite the pressure he managed to win 2-0. In the top 8, in the winners semi-final, he played against the famous Lucky Chloe player from Osijek, Igor Bošnjak “Bagheera”, whom he also beat 2-0.

Tournament winner Crashbanter

In the winners final, from the other side of the bracket, he was greeted by an unpleasant match against Donat Matek, known as “MrkiMedvjed”, who with his knowledge of bears caused a lot of trouble to our “Crashbanter”. In that exciting match, “MrkiMedvjed” showed his teeth and managed to take one game, but that was not enough to overcome our “Crashbanter”, who eventually won 3-1. “Crashbanter” was waiting in the grand final, watching losers final between Josip Tkalčević “Tkalac” and “MrkiMedvjed”, where “MrkiMedvjed” managed to beat “Tkalac” and his Lucky Chloe 3-0 and got his another chance to challenge our “Crashbanter”. In the grand final, “Crashbanter” proved to be a sufficiently experienced player and beat “MrkiMedvjed” 3-0, thus proving the status of the best Croatian Tekken player.

Top 3: Crashbanter (middle), MrkiMedvjed (left), Tkalac (right)

In the interview, he mentioned that his match against “MrkiMedvjed” was tense, that they had great matches, but that other players also showed themselves a lot, such as “Dox123sus” and “Jopex”. He also stated that he was sorry that other players such as “Kalash”, “BurkeCro” and “Masamune” could not come, which he believes would give him a lot of trouble, but that the tournament was still strong.

Interview with Crashbanter

With the victory in the National Tekken qualifications, he will represent Croatia in further IESF competitions. We will follow him at the European qualifiers to be held in September/October, and if he ends among the top 6 in Europe, he will represent Croatia at the world competition in November, in Eilat, Israel. We are extremely proud of his success and hope for further victories in the next stages of the competition.