QSKE is Croatian professional esports organization. Our journey started in 2019. but official organization was established in January 2020. Our teams and players are truly doing their best and rarely if ever, leave their fans disappointed. After all, we believe that our players can and will be in top 20 in Europe.

Our passion is our way of life. We encourage challenging each other, but gain fortitude in our collective strength. Our ability to win is based upon an unshakable foundation of trust and teamwork. We see losses as an opportunity to learn and grow even closer.

We have a strong will and big hearts and with big hearts comes great passion for things in life. For us, this is not just a thing or something that we think might go well. No! This is our dream, this is our goal, and this is our life.


Our vision is to establish the brand as an industry standard for excellence and innovation in esports.


QSKE strives to develop professional and successful players and teams across a range of platforms, growing our community through events and collaborations, while breaking the barriers between corporate world, sports and entertainment industry.


Our goal is to work closely and collaboratively with partners to improve the esports entertainment experience for all. We implement a wide range of ideas and creative solutions for our partners. We are fortunate that our partners share our vision and commitment to high-quality experiences.

With decades of experience in business and esports, our staff ensures our partners enjoy the highest levels of performance in every aspect. Contact us and find out what we can do for you!