QSKE Gaming esport organization

Ker Archi stood no chance against QSKE

During the last weekend, our CS:GO squad participated in the Quarantine Online 2020 tournament organized by the Macedonian esports association – MESA. All the teams were split into four double-elimination groups. Two teams from each group advanced to the single-elimination BO3 playoffs where the best of the best battled it out for the first place. Out of the 32 teams that competed in the tournament, our team managed to secure the first place and earn valuable prizes.
Jasmin “JasmiNhs” Murič boasted a great performance during the event and lead his team to the victory. The boys dominated the Macedonian Counter-Strike veterans such as Anel “NENO” Ceković and Semih “osama” Kamil in the event’s semifinal. The Ker Archi mix stood no chance against QSKE in the Grand Final, and our squad won the first place after only two maps.